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Change. What a bugger.

Life is hard. Change is inevitable and it never comes easy. In recognition of our first post and the formal launch of Ask Yourself Why, we thought it appropriate to focus on this funny little word that gives us all heartburn.

Managing change, change management, changing unhealthy behaviour - they can all pose a challenge to the individual working through them. So how we do we add clarity when significant shifts come at us in life, or in cases where we know a change is required but we may be afraid to act?

Answer. Recognize the four stages of change and work through them.


What, me worry? In this first stage you are likely unaware and afraid to change. A seed inside you might recognize a need, but it's not prevalent. Something just doesn't feel right. You ignore the urge to explore deeper as you hide in your daily routine and ignore the obvious.


You now start to recognize that change is required, but instead of acting upon it, you settle into a pattern. A feeling of satisfaction with your current circumstance begins to take root. You feel calm. You may even be re-peating things like - "this aint so bad!"


Your calm turns to anxiety. Stress rushes over you as you begin to search for answers. You now recognize that you MUST change, but fear may be holding you back. You look to friends and a network of support saying, "what a mess! help!"


This is the stage you need to own. As you make the transition to finally embracing the change that is required, you become excited by possibilities. A sense of optimism replaces the fear and anxiety that once consumed you. You feel unstoppable, like you have many great ideas, and you can't wait to get goin' and implement them.

Congratulations, you've made it to the other side. Consider these key moments as you work through the next big decision that stares you in the eyeballs.

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