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The AYW program is simple in design and centers on the integration of core values, goals, and daily habits.  As these traditional features of goal setting come together, we realize our personal whys.  

Developing a set of core values is an important first step in what we do, but not the ultimate.  Core values will help to define those things that are of key importance to you, and they will also help in the development of your personal mission statement.  Once defined, they have a unique way of providing a grounding effect in making daily decisions.  You quickly learn the thrill of being aligned with your values, and the unease when you are not.

Many of those interacting with our course for the first time find this to be an unsettling step.  Why?  Because understanding your core values demands self-reflection.  It begs you to take an honest look at yourself, and that's not always easy.

Some of the questions that you will begin asking yourself as you work through our program include:

What's most important to you in life?

When you think about money in your life, what does having it help you to focus on?

At the end of your life, what do you want to have become known for? 

If you had the opportunity to take 3 months paid vacation from work, what would you do?

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