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My friends call me Doherty, RD, Rhino, or whatever creative name you come up with next.  Wife to Alina, father to Sasha, playpal to Myka (that's our chocolate lab). Twelve years ago I managed to convince my wife to come on a crazy journey of thinking big.  Without knowing it at the time, it would lead me to the development of this program.  Our goal is simple. Recognize that life isn't all about meeting the objective - sometimes, if you pay attention, getting there is the real treat.  

I'm a stubborn fella and it took me some time to figure this out.  My wife tried to coach me for many years.  Now that I'm on board, we spend our time living everyday adventures.  We're all about experience, less about things. I must say, it's thrilling.  So thrilling, that we want others to come along.

My speaking engagements and the program that I offer through them is free of charge.  Our motivation is to help others awaken to the reality we have discovered. Life is just better when you understand yourself, what you want, and that small moments can be the sweetest when aligned with personal whys.

We think that the clarity we have developed around values, goals, and habits is new and innovative.  We hope you feel the same.

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